Private Coaching Experience

Is this You?

You're sick and tired of porn controlling you and you’re ready to quit. Like, once and for all. 

You don’t believe the phrases: “you’ll have to struggle with this forever” and “once an addict always an addict”. In fact, you can feel yourself vehemently repelling this language. 

You’re sick of feeling shame around this habit. 

 You believe you are capable of anything, yet for some reason, porn has been that one thing you can’t seem to get rid of.

You know you need someone to coach and guide you through the process. 

You want more accountability.

You want a deep dive to make the deepest level of change possible so that you can overcome this habit once and for all.

And you’re ready to go all in. 

Apply for Private Coaching

This is what is possible for you:

  • Overcome Pornography for Good without shame and without willpower

  • More confidence than ever before in work, family, church, and other areas of your life

  • No more being afraid of urges and triggering situations like work trips, stress, social media apps, being alone, late nights, disappointments, and other triggers.

  • More loving and authentic relationships with yourself and with others.

  • More love, connection, and trust in your marriage.

  • Less wasted time and more time to do what inspires you.


  • No more shame and hiding because of this habit.
  • Deep self-love and acceptance
  • No more being afraid of your sexuality and of sexual urges. Knowing exactly what to do when you feel those urges.
  • No more burn out - learn to stop the willpower and react cycle.

How it works:

  • Private coaching sessions with our certified Overcome Pornography for Good Coaches. We require at least a 6-month commitment so that you have adequate time to make long-lasting change
  • Unlimited access to your private coach via email for support between sessions so that you have all the support you need.
  • Months follow a 3 week on, 1 week off schedule. Three weeks of intensive 1-on-1 work and one week to focus on implementation so that you don’t burn out and are able to apply and not just learn.
  • Intensive focus on one program milestone every month, at the end of the 6 months you will have an amazing foundation and understanding of the skills required to quit viewing porn.
  • Never be alone or confused on this journey again. You’ll know exactly what to do to make this change permanent. You will never not know your next step.
  • You will understand that quitting porn is SIMPLE. And comes by practicing mindfulness, emotional management, and thought work.
  • Everything is personalized to go at your own speed and to work through your biggest challenges.


Lifetime Access to the Signature Program, Overcome Pornography for Good

  • Full Program Milestones System
  • Weekly Live Group Calls (lifetime access)
  • Online Fillable Workbook
  • Program App Access
  • Weekly Check-In Email
  • Additional Free Trainings
  • Bonus: Especially Difficult Moments Process
  • Bonus: 5-min Failure Turnaround Checklist
  • Bonus: Monthly Marriage Coaching Calls (your spouse is invited for free!)
  • Bonus: Support Group Meetings with Quinn 
  • Easy Commitment Package (shame turnaround, discouraged turnaround, overwhelm turnaround



Sam used to believe he'd have to struggle with porn forever...

"It's been just a total 180. I'm at six months of no porn, and that is huge. I've never been at this point as long as I can remember, probably 10 years old or younger. And so that's massive for me.”

You can hear the rest of his story by clicking here. 

The Experience

1-on-1 Private coaching includes:

  • 3 intensive 1-on-1 sessions a month and with one week off for implementation. This will prevent burnout and allow you space to really implement the massive changes you are making in these sessions. 
  • We require a 6-month commitment. In the first 6 months, you will master program basics. After 6 months we will continue to deep dive with whatever you need. Ideally, coaching does not end after 6 months - it continues until you feel confident! 

  • Unlimited access to your private coach via email support between sessions.
  • Lifetime access to Overcome Pornography for Good, Sara’s signature program that includes all of the program work + additional group coaching calls with Sara and other coaches to listen to as you feel inspired.




Initial $2,500 for the lifetime-access OPFG program

+ $500/month for private coaching*

*Other payment plan options available. Apply for details.




Each month you’ll focus on one of the main program milestones:

Learn and Move On

Specific steps to go through when you view porn to turn it from a “slip up” into “data” so that we can change quickly without shame and other brain drama.

This will teach you how to truly stop failing, and turn every failure into a stepping stone instead so that you can continue to move forward.

No more quitting cold-turkey and all-or-nothing thinking.


How to maintain commitment easily, so you don’t need to worry about losing motivation.

Create a commitment that keeps you going, instead of a commitment that is fear and shame based. 


Stop the cycle of quitting for a few days or weeks and then falling back into it.

Learn mindfulness skills so that you can manage urges EASILY without using willpower.

Bring down over desire and learn what to do with the witching hours. You’ll have a lot of practice with your 1-on-1 coach with this skill.

Beliefs and Identity

How to become someone who doesn’t want porn and change your identity around pornography to really move past this.

You’ll do a lot of coaching on self sabotage and ingrained beliefs about yourself and porn that keep you stuck.

Emotions and Buffering

Removing shame and other emotions that will keep you viewing porn.

Learn exactly what to do when you have emotions that lead you to viewing porn like loneliness, worthlessness, boredom. And a lot of coaching around your specific trigger emotions.


"I believe that it was crucial for me to work with you. You were wonderful for me because you were persistent in helping me catch all those beliefs that I thought were fact.  It's so worth it.  I'm so grateful that I did it."

- Nick

"Our work together has really helped me because I felt like you were able to give me the specific tools needed to overcome pornography, and I haven't found that anywhere else.  Also, I loved being able to talk one on one every week, so that I could actively plan what I should focus on."

- Chase

"I've seen real results for the first time in my life. I had been struggling with my porn habit since age 12, and after many Bishops, ARP programs, a 2-year mission intermission, I am actually changing myself on a fundamental level. For the first time in my life, I feel that my identity is changing."

 - Chaz

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