Help People quit Pornography for Good
using Research-based Tools

Ecclesiastical Leader Training


Here's What We Will Cover:

  • Watch your members finally quit pornography and never go back
  • Increase your confidence and expertise on the issue; never again feel lost on how to respond 
  • Transform your congregation’s culture strengthening individuals and families
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Does this sound like deja-vu?

You have someone sitting across from you that’s trying to quit viewing porn. As their religious leader, you know that you hold a lot of power, and the weight of that responsibility feels heavy.

You feel you only have two options- explain how dangerous and shameful porn is in hopes to motivate the user to stop. Or counsel on eggshells giving the individual permission and justification to keep using porn.

Neither option feels right and whichever way you choose, you end up having to counsel them again and again never seeming to make much progress for more than a few weeks at a time.

You want to put in time to research the topic but you are busy. You have other’s to look after in your congregation. You have another job, maybe even a family.

Training you are given on this issue (if any at all) feels outdated. At the end of your sessions, you feel hopeless and stuck. Progress is not being made. Nothing seems to work.

I’ve worked with leaders like you. And this doesn’t have to be your experience. I’ve done the hours and hours of research and I have good news - there is a third option.

Access the religious leader training

Let me introduce myself 

My name is Sara, a certified life and trauma-informed coach with a deep understanding of religious beliefs and context around the issue.

I’ve helped thousands of people in my program and in my podcast quit porn for good. I started by counseling returned missionaries. Most of them confessed to me that what they really wanted help with was quitting porn.

The counsel they were given wasn’t working.

  • 12-Step programs
  • Accountability programs
  • Filters
  • Willpower, discipline, or “Just Stop”
  • More prayer
  • More fasting
  • Even more accountability
  • Deadlines as a way of pressure and fear
  • Distracting with exercise or staying busy

These techniques work for a little bit, but typically end in more unwanted porn use.

My unique, research-based approach founded in healthy sexuality, emotional management and resiliency, trauma tools, and powerful CBT tools worked wonders. My process is research based and truly revolutionary.

Access the religious leader training
"Sara, your program is a marriage saver! We had a long talk today and covered a lot of topics. My wife is not one to get into detail but she was impressed with what she had seen and asked me to move back to test the water. Without you and your program, I would still be fighting the urges of feeling shame and worthless having no idea of how to stop this awful habit."

- Quinn
"Also, thank you so much for your amazing work and content to help [my son]!  He is so happy and is FINALLY feeling hope to overcome pornography once and for all!  You and your program are a godsend for him and our family!"

- Anonymous
"Sara’s program has done so much to give me power over how I think and feel about my actions with pornography and other parts of my life as well. Because of this newfound control and motivation, I have not looked at pornography in months and my desire to do so has dropped significantly. There is a whole new me because of this program."

- Eric

In this training, we will cover:

  • How to help individuals solve the ROOT of their porn use instead of using band-aid solutions
  • SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE tools, questions, phrases,
  • Effective Worksheets to give to those you counsel.
  • When to refer out for conjunctive support like therapy or coaching
  • The most up-to-date research behind quitting pornography
  • The four roots of pornography use and how to counsel on each one.
  • Exactly WHAT to say and HOW TO counsel so that your members leave feeling empowered with the right tools to quit porn FOR GOOD.
  • The ONE SIMPLE THING that will help someone who has lost motivation.

Just Imagine:

  • Knowing exactly what to say, exactly how to help people once and for all
  • Speaking sermons, talks, around this in a way that will leave your people feeling inspired and hopeful, not fearful and ashamed
  • Being a go-to in your community around helping your people quit porn
  • Lightness around the subject, pure trust and confidence in sound principles based in research (that has already been done for you)
  • Families feeling more united from your counsel
  • Individuals feeling liberated and a refreshing freedom to live their lives without pornography
Access the religious leader training


  • Only $25 (I’m giving this away for pennies because I really want you to have these tools)
  • A comprehensive class
  • Lifetime access to the class
  • Ownership of a PDF with notes, tools, and worksheets that you can use with those you are counseling.
  • Specific tools, phrases, words to use, and questions to get the best results
  • When to recommend conjunctive professional support like therapy or coaching
  • Feel confident when someone sits down in front of you, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to counsel them.
Access the religious leader training

What this isn’t:

  • A training on specific religious ideology. I have leaders from many faiths attending this class, and you can work your theology into all of the ideas taught
  • A discussion on morality - it’s just the tools you need to help someone who wants to quit
  • A bash on religion. You have so much power as a religious leader. My goal is to give you more context and tools to fit into the way you already counsel.
  • A sales pitch. At the end of the class, I'll share about my program for those of you who are interested but all of the skills I will be teaching during the class will make your ministry extremely powerful.
"It’s amazing that I don’t struggle like I used to. If overcoming porn is the most important thing in your life, you should join. If that is your priority, there is no reason you should not join this program."

- Spencer
"It's been just a total 180. I'm at six months of no porn, and that is huge. I've never been at this point as long as I can remember, probably 10 years old or younger. And so that's massive for me."

- Sam
"This has drastically changed the course of my recovery for good. I have made more progress in the last 3 days of listening to you than I have in the last 6 months of recovery. Thank you!"

- Nick