Overcoming Pornography
for Good

Reviews + stories from real students


When Koji could compete in ironman world championships but couldn't figure out how to quit porn, he knew his problem wasn't that he wasn't strong enough. He needed a new approach.

“I don’t have to will myself to stop watching porn anymore. Now I know how to reflect and process my emotions, and pornography isn’t even a temptation anymore.”

— Camerin

"My wife had to go to a presidency meeting tonight and I was alone at home. I put my son to bed and watch a show on my computer while doing some stretching. Not one urge. If someone told me 6 months ago that I could be left alone at night with my computer and not look at porn I would tell them they’re crazy."

— Andy

“Sara’s methods are the best that I have ever encountered in my long fight against pornography. She has helped me overcome a fight I’ve been fighting for years.”

— Josh

"Sara, your program is a marriage saver! We had a long talk today and covered a lot of topics. My wife is not one to get into detail but she was impressed with what she had seen and asked me to move back to test the water. Without you and your program, I would still be fighting the urges of feeling shame and worthless having no idea of how to stop this awful habit.”

— Quinn

“Just starting out with you and I've already seen a drastic decrease in my porn usage. It had become an everyday thing over the past couple months, so seeing your masterclass advertisement was a godsend. I literally don't know the last time I felt this much hope about being able to change for good.

— Scott


"It’s amazing that I don’t struggle like I used to. If overcoming porn is the most important thing in your life, you should join. If that is your priority, there is no reason you should not join this program."

— Spencer

Are you ready to overcome pornography for good?


Quinn quit porn after 50 years of struggling

"After I joined your program and started on the workbook, a switch flipped and it was an easy transformation for me. It worked and completely changed my life".

You can listen to his full story by clicking here.


Sam used to believe he'd have to struggle with porn forever...

"It's been just a total 180. I'm at six months of no porn, and that is huge. I've never been at this point as long as I can remember, probably 10 years old or younger. And so that's massive for me.”

You can hear the rest of his story by clicking here. 

“This has drastically changed the course of my recovery for good. I have made more progress in the last 3 days of listening to you than I have in the last 6 months of recovery. Thank you!”

— Nick


“I just wanted to start off by saying thank you, thank you for what you do. My husband bought your course and it completely changed his perspective and our lives. I am so grateful for the work you do!”

— Anonymous


“I’m finally changing. I have been using pornography less and less and I find it is not as necessary. I’m still rough around the edges but I turn to this program more and more and it’s working.”

— Canon 

“Sara’s program has done so much to give me power over how I think and feel about my actions with pornography and other parts of my life as well. Because of this newfound control and motivation, I have not looked at pornography in months and my desire to do so has dropped significantly. There is a whole new me because of this program. ”

— Eric

“I was able to go 30 days without viewing any pornography. And this is especially significant to me because those 30 days were some of the most painful and emotional days of my life (not to be dramatic, haha). But because of the things I’ve been learning in your program, I’ve been able to process those emotions and not buffer them. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve experienced some pretty miserable times, but I see my character changing.”

— Mitchell


"I noticed that my life felt void of positivity and I had really begun to see myself in a negative light. I had resigned myself to the thought that I would deal with pornography for my whole life and that overcoming it wasn't a possibility. This program helped me overcome that and helped me put my future back in my hands. I am lots happier with myself, far more positive, and have gained a lot of light back into my life. I am super grateful I went with my gut and tried out Sara's coaching. I had followed her for a long time on Instagram and knew there was something different and special about the way she taught things. Try her out and you will see progress in your life that will change you for the better."



Are you ready to overcome pornography for good?


"This has been more life-changing than my missionary experience..."

"My mission taught me to love others, but this taught me to love myself. It's opened doors for me that I never knew there. It is so worth it. I'm so grateful that I did it. It's just been the biggest blessing and has been the biggest change in my life."


 "Before I started the program life seemed very bleak. It just felt like I would never be able to overcome pornography. I had been trying to overcome pornography for years and nothing seemed to work. I attended other programs but it never seemed to help. I just felt very hopeless. 

Sara was able to help me by seeing that the urge to view pornography was nothing to be afraid of. The urges did not make me a bad person. She helped me to see that overcoming pornography was a lot more simple than I had been making it.  She then helped me to see how I can actually take control of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts. 

I think the overall transformation that took place for me was to see myself as a new person. I was able to see that I am not an addict or someone struggling, I am someone who is learning and who is succeeding because I am committed. I was able to learn how to let myself let go of my past and allow myself to build a new future without pornography.

 It has been a great experience because it hasn't been just me biting the bullet to not view, but rather it has been me retraining my mind to not have this very strong desire to view. Since I have started to work with Sara it has been very amazing to see and feel the decrease in my desire to view pornography. There are moments when I would normally have an urge to view, but they are not there. I have found that since my desire has decreased I have found more time to do the things I want to do and it feels really great." 

— Daniel

"A lot of us have been told since we were kids that pornography was bad, evil, and to be avoided at all costs. I felt as if I would have to endure this for the rest of my life. That was until I miraculously found Sara. She taught me exactly how my brain was working and helped me find a personalized plan to overcome this porn habit. I’ll forever be grateful I found her."

— Matt

"I let my porn habit consume me. I thought I would look at porn my whole life. I would willpower it out for 3 months and feel amazing about myself. And then I would “slip up” and look at porn constantly. I was desperate.I am a long-distance triathlete. I understand what work is. I just didn’t know how to work on my brain. I believed in myself to do an Ironman, but I didn’t know how to believe in myself enough to quit porn.When I met with Sara, I knew that she had something different about her. She knows what she is doing, and she teaches you to become the healer. Honestly, investing in her program has been one of the top three best decisions in my life. My outlook, perspective, self-love, confidence, and self-esteem is through the roof! Now, 3-4 months post-program I am porn free. I just had to really get through some demons first. Guys, It’s a folk tale that you will struggle with this forever. You really can stop, anyone can. Take the investment. You deserve it. You’re worth it."
— Koji