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Overcome Pornography for Good with our signature coaching program.

Here’s why you haven’t been able to quit porn before…

  • You try to shame yourself into quitting
  • You are using willpower to muscle your way through urges
  • You use filters, apps, or simply avoiding your phone altogether
  • Just pray more, be more spiritual
  • Distract yourself with exercise, a song in your head, or ignoring the urge

Our Signature Program

Overcome Pornography for Good


What's Included?

  • Program Milestones System

    A road map with trainings, worksheets, exercises and measurable things to do to quit viewing pornography for good.

  • Milestones Program Outline

    Outline that takes you step-by-step and breaks down the process in an easy to digest and measurable format.

  • Video Trainings

    Access to a library of short and to-the-point video trainings so that you can learn effectively and quickly.

  • Workbooks and Worksheets

    Workbook and worksheets for structure and deeper application.
  • Live Coaching Calls w/ App Access

    Weekly Live Coaching Calls so that you get individualized help and attention (you don’t have to try to figure it out alone). Access to the program app so that you can listen to coaching calls on the go.

  • Additional Support

    Additional free trainings on shame and spirituality, relationships, difficult conversations, and finding pleasure outside of pornography.

  • Ask a Coach

    Lifetime access to the Ask a Coach board ($19 add on) for individualized email support from a coach. Ask questions, submit work, get coached, as often as you want. Lifetime access.

Bonus: Marriage Coaching Calls

Monthly marriage coaching calls for you AND your spouse to help you navigate your relationship challenges.

Bonus: 5-Minute Failure Turnaround

Quickly turn slip-ups into stepping stones with the failure turnaround checklist. You truly don’t have to be afraid of “failure” anymore.

Bonus: Especially Difficult Moments Process

Learn the fail-proof process for managing difficult moments and powerful urges.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team