Episode 5: Shame Spirals

overcome shamespirals Feb 16, 2021

One of the first things I discovered and learned on my coaching journey was about the feeling of shame and how to combat it. It’s an emotion that so many people believe is useful, especially when you’re trying to overcome pornography, but this week, I’m showing you how it can be incredibly destructive.

Many of my clients come to me with thoughts that run along the lines of believing that there’s something wrong with them, or that this human weakness of theirs makes them worthy of feeling ashamed. But I want to offer to you that there are so many more emotions that are far more helpful than getting trapped in a shame spiral.

Tune in this week as I show you why combatting shame is the first step to overcoming pornography and how to start doing this. The shame spiral keeps you hiding from yourself and God, from reaching out for the support you need, and I’m inviting you to see why shame is simply no longer required.

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