Episode 3: Fixing the Root: Identity

In this episode, we’re diving into your identity as a pornography viewer. Fixing the root of your pornography habit requires taking a closer look at what you believe about who you are right now, and making this shift is going to be everything.

If you currently see yourself as someone who struggles with pornography, as someone who desires it and can’t get it under control, you will always be this person. Identity change doesn’t happen overnight, but if we don’t consciously work on changing it, our life circumstances will always determine it for us.

Listen in this week as I show you how to begin the process of transforming your identity. This work is so life-changing, not only in terms of overcoming this habit, but in every area of your life. I’m guiding you through some of the most common limiting beliefs that keep people stuck, and how to start letting them go to up-level who you currently are.

As a celebration for the launch of the show, I am giving...

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