Episode 2: Fixing the Root: Over-Desire

This week, we’re digging into another crucial element of fixing the root of the pornography habit. Over-desire for porn is why it can feel like you’re watching it before you’ve even thought about it, and like it’s completely out of control, but I’ve got good news for you this week.

While over-desire can make you feel powerless, the good news is that you’ve actually trained your brain to want porn. So, this means you can begin learning how to train yourself not to want it.

Listen in this week as I show you the role over-desire plays in the habit, and why it can feel so automatic when your urges come up. I’m using the theory of Pavlov’s dogs to demonstrate how we’ve inadvertently trained our brains to want porn, and how to begin de-conditioning our brains to start moving forward differently.

As a celebration for the launch of the show, I am giving away one free adult electric scooter and three $50 Amazon gift cards. For details on...

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