Episode 5: Shame Spirals

overcome shamespirals Feb 16, 2021

One of the first things I discovered and learned on my coaching journey was about the feeling of shame and how to combat it. It’s an emotion that so many people believe is useful, especially when you’re trying to overcome pornography, but this week, I’m showing you how it can be incredibly destructive.

Many of my clients come to me with thoughts that run along the lines of believing that there’s something wrong with them, or that this human weakness of theirs makes them worthy of feeling ashamed. But I want to offer to you that there are so many more emotions that are far more helpful than getting trapped in a shame spiral.

Tune in this week as I show you why combatting shame is the first step to overcoming pornography and how to start doing this. The shame spiral keeps you hiding from yourself and God, from reaching out for the support you need, and I’m inviting you to see why shame is simply no longer required.

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Episode 4: Stop Fearing Urges

When it comes to trying to overcome pornography, so many of my clients come to me absolutely terrified of their urges. They believe they won’t be able to stop the habit if their urges show up, but our urges are just sensations in our bodies that we don’t have to indulge in, and I’m showing you how today.

The truth is that our urges are just like toddlers throwing a tantrum. They aren’t dangerous, they won’t hurt you, and they’re not a problem. We don’t have to push them away, run away from them, or try to silence them. In fact, I’m encouraging you to start welcoming them in as much as you can.

Join me this week as I show you how to stop fearing urges, and how learning to sit with them is the key to finding confidence. Like any new skill, there will be failures along the way, but when you aren’t scared of them, believing they’re evil or bad in some way, I promise, you’ll start seeing a new way to approach them that...

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Episode 3: Fixing the Root: Identity

In this episode, we’re diving into your identity as a pornography viewer. Fixing the root of your pornography habit requires taking a closer look at what you believe about who you are right now, and making this shift is going to be everything.

If you currently see yourself as someone who struggles with pornography, as someone who desires it and can’t get it under control, you will always be this person. Identity change doesn’t happen overnight, but if we don’t consciously work on changing it, our life circumstances will always determine it for us.

Listen in this week as I show you how to begin the process of transforming your identity. This work is so life-changing, not only in terms of overcoming this habit, but in every area of your life. I’m guiding you through some of the most common limiting beliefs that keep people stuck, and how to start letting them go to up-level who you currently are.

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Episode 2: Fixing the Root: Over-Desire

This week, we’re digging into another crucial element of fixing the root of the pornography habit. Over-desire for porn is why it can feel like you’re watching it before you’ve even thought about it, and like it’s completely out of control, but I’ve got good news for you this week.

While over-desire can make you feel powerless, the good news is that you’ve actually trained your brain to want porn. So, this means you can begin learning how to train yourself not to want it.

Listen in this week as I show you the role over-desire plays in the habit, and why it can feel so automatic when your urges come up. I’m using the theory of Pavlov’s dogs to demonstrate how we’ve inadvertently trained our brains to want porn, and how to begin de-conditioning our brains to start moving forward differently.

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Episode 1: Fixing the Root of the Problem: Escape

buffering escape root Jan 23, 2021

In the first three episodes of this podcast, we’ll be diving into how to get to the root of the pornography habit. There is so much misinformation out in the world that is preventing you from being able to quit for good, and this week, I’m starting by debunking the myths and showing you what it really takes to quit.

The first aspect of fixing the root of the problem that we’re discussing is the need to escape. The truth is that the habit has nothing to do with your sexual appetite and everything to do with feeling the need to escape. And I’m showing you why we tend to do this, not only with porn, but in every area of our lives.

Join me this week as I show you why you might be attempting to escape your emotions through buffers, and how they might be showing up in your life. Overcoming pornography doesn’t have to feel like a mystery, and this episode is going to clarify exactly why you might be leaning on porn right now.

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