Our Vision

To be the world-class, go-to program for people quitting porn. This is about so much more than quitting porn. It’s about teaching you to live a life free of shame and regret.




At the Center for Overcoming Pornography, our revolutionary approach is grounded in principles that return direct results.

Our coaching methodology is firmly anchored in research, merging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) thought work with empirically validated mindfulness techniques. 
This combination creates success in building new habits, providing individuals with a proven and effective foundation for overcoming pornography and reducing your desire for pornography all together.
Embracing universal principles, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of the nervous system, body, and mind, ensuring a comprehensive and enduring transformation.
Our coaching practice is direct. We focus on providing clarity and purpose with no room for ambiguity. We cultivate a space where scientific objectivity meets radical acceptance.

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Sara Brewer

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Sara Brewer is a certified life coach. She has helped hundreds of people quit porn through her coaching programs and helped thousands of people through her highly-rated podcast, Overcome Pornography for Good.

Tina Gosney


She has additional certifications as a Marriage and Relationship Coach, Breath Coach, and is trauma-informed. She is also a certified Positivity Practitioner. Tina has coached hundreds of people in the Overcome Pornography for Good program to change their relationship with porn so that they can take back their power in their own lives. She believes we are all powerful in our own lives, far beyond what we can see today, and she is dedicated to helping her clients find that power for themselves. Tina loves this work and is always seeking out learning opportunities to further her knowledge of the best coaching practices to bring to her clients. She loves music, art, and reading, and lives in Idaho with her husband. She has four grown children and two grandchildren.

Kat Jenkins


Kat certified as a Life Coach in 2019 through The Life Coach School and has been a Breath Coach since 2022. She joined Sara Brewer’s Coaching Team in the Overcome Pornography for Good Program in November of 2021. Kat is passionate about helping her clients learn to love themselves and their journey. She is inspired by the work, changes, and growth she sees on a daily basis. Kat loves reading and learning; she lives in Idaho with her husband and three children.

Jessica Farmer


Jessica Farmer is a certified Life and Marriage Coach working with individuals and couples to find peace in their marriage relationships, as well as those working to overcome unwanted pornography use. She is a life-long learner and always working to deepen her understanding of relationships, how trauma impacts our current realities and how to create more resilience in our lives. She lives in Washington state with her husband, four children and her dog/office buddy, Gracie. She loves to hike, read and travel as much as possible.

Our Promise

We believe you are a strong, successful person, completely capable of overcoming pornography. Our coaching is compassionate and nonjudgmental. We’re here to support you FOR LIFE.